Kuwait: quick update on parliamentary session

By: Jon Nordenson

Since early this morning, the Kuwaiti parliament has been in session on the four interpellations presented against the Prime Minister, the minister of public works, the interior minister and the defence minister.

First up to face interpellation was the PM, and the session was held behind closed doors (following a 40-23 vote in favour of closing the session). After the debate, 12 MPs (some sources say 10) submitted a motion of no-cooperation. Normally, an interpellation may be followed by a vote of no-confidence if minimum ten MPs demand so. However, this is not allowed when the minister in question is the PM. In stead, MPs may submit a vote of no-cooperation. If this gains a simple majority among the parliament’s 50 elected members, it is sent to the Emir. The Emir must then choose between dismissing the PM, or dissolving the parliament and then call for new elections.

The no-cooperation motion against PM Sheikh Nasser al-Mohammad is to be discussed on the 16th of December.

According to unofficial sources, the interpelation against minister of public works Fadel al-Safar was not followed by a motion of no-confidence.

As of 22:30 this evening, the interpellation against interior minister Sheikh Jaber al-Khaled was still in progress.


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